We are friends sharing the passion of Outdoor Sports and Sports Instruction. Riding makes us feel happy and energized, or maybe the kids inside us never really grew up and we simply love having “toys”.


KBL has been running the renowned KBL Kiteboarding School in Sydney since 2009. In our views, Kiteboarding and Biking have a lot in common and complement each other. Both Sports can be Extreme or Cruisy. Both mostly used lower body muscles. While one is a summer activity, the other is all year around. We offer the products that we love, use and believe in. We are in it with you. 


Sydney is among the very few Major Cities in the World which offers fantastic conditions for both. Sydney, NSW and Australia offer amazing MTB trails, cycling culture, and growing bike infrastructures in our Cities.


Bikes are unique. Cycling is good for Fitness, Mood, the Environment, Traffic congestion, and your bank account, all in one. What else offers so many benefits while having a good time outside?


Electric Bikes bring additional benefits for commuting with comfort, going long distances, riding your favorite trails longer, and getting back to fitness to name a few. So get on board and “Electrify” your ride with one of our Bikes.

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Originally from Czech Republic and in Australia since 2004. I originally came to windsurf, then swapped for kiteboarding and founded KBL Kiteboarding shop & school in 2008. I have been always doing what I love for living so bikes are another addition to our existing water sports business as I love to ride the bike since I was little. I enjoy more technical, rocky, forest riding over the roads. I don't mind cross country and downhill. One of my first MTB back in early days in Europe was RockMachine which we have in our shop in Australia now:)

I have been enjoying coaching sport and selling sport equipment for over 12 years and Im happy that my passion and hobby can be also my work!

Originally from Britany, Celtic region of France, I managed to escape to the much warmer waters of the West Indies at 4 years old. From young, staying still was never my strength. Long years of Engineering studies on a chair were absolute torture. A way out to California opened, so went for it, and then took a serious IT job in Dubai which brought me to Sydney in 2005. Concerned about the Environment, Renewable Energy became a passion for 10+ years. They even let me install Solar Panels on the Australian Parliament House, yeahhh. Moved to California looking for fame, which obviously did not work, but it is a great place for Kiting and Biking (watch out for poison Ivy I tell you that!). Got really tired of Corporate life (or employers got tired of me) so I became a beach bum….well I mean a Kiteboarding Instructor. This is how I met Vit and Tobi. Just so you take me seriously, I am also a Karate Instructor Black Belt 2nd Dan. My Dad has been a competing road cyclist for as long as I remember. As I like to drive him nuts, I went into Mountain Biking instead. Ironically I only break bones when riding my Enduro Bike and not the Downhill. I love taking my bike to the bakery (yes I am French!) or to go down A-Line in Whistler. The best of my day when working in Corporate was the 20km ride to work and bike. Energizing and head clearing. Electric Bikes bring a new dimension to riding and open up the possibilities. I am so pumped and can’t wait to see more of our bikes on trails and roads.


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