Ride one of Sydney's oldest and most popular shared paths. The 23 km ride starts at Settlers Park in Ryde, meander through Gough Whitlam Park, following the gorgeous Cooks River most of the way and finish at peaceful Botany Bay. Various town centres, railway stations and parks are en route, so you can make a day of it, stopping for coffee, lunch and snacks as you go. Perfect for a family day out on your electric bike!

This is absolute classic Sydney ride, from river to the bay, it takes you through many microcosms of Sydney, from used car yards to market gardens, mangroves to ice creams. 

To do the complete cooks river ride, river to the bay, you need to start at Rhodes. From Rhodes train station cross to the western side (elevators) and head down Mary St to the foreshore. Head left and follow the canal up Pomeroy St. This is a very enjoyable ride through mangroves, but there are many junctions to follow the signs carefully. 

The canal near Pomeroy St has been landscaped so it is not just a concrete ditch anymore. This is a great improvement. Once on Pomeroy St head south through the traffic lights, up and over the M4, then dogleg left then right to Parramatta Rd.


This section is the least pleasant but stick with it. Cross Parramatta Rd and head up Bridge St either on the road or footpath, cross the railway line, then turn right/west onto The Crescent and down to Bates St and the park. The left turn into the park comes just when you are flying happily down the hill, so watch out for it. If you overshoot you can head through the playground to rejoin it. 

From here the path is fairly well signposted and follows mostly parks with a few quiet suburban streets. The one major hill is not far away, it isn't steep but a slow grind up a quiet street for about 500 m - absolutely easy to make with your eBike. When you reached the top, it is a long pleasant cruise. 

The are a few major roads to cross, but bicycle crossing points have been built to make it safer. 

Many things to see - so don't wait any longer and start exploring Sydney with your own eBike!