KBL Foiling Program - Learn it the easy way!


Thinking about getting into Foiling for a while? 

Not sure what's the best approach to this amazing new part of Kiteboarding?

Don’t want to invest into Gear before giving it a try?


KBL has the tailored solution for anyone wanting to get into Hydro Foiling!


We created a 3 part Learning series which will get you up and riding on a foil step by step:

Part 1: HYDROFOIL SUP BOAT TOW LESSON (1.5hr / 2 students)

In the first lesson we will tow you behind the boat on a SUP Foil (2020 Fanatic SKY SUP 6'11 &  AEROFOIL). The foil with its big wings provides slow speed, easy lift, stability, and early planning.  Big SUP board with heaps of volume allows starting from standing positions - no need for water start. Perfect to get a feel for how a foil works, how to balance it and get used to the feeling of flying over water - without the risk of the fast impact crashes of a normal Kite Foil.

Part 2:  HYDROFOIL KITEFOIL BOAT TOW LESSON (1.5hr / 2 students)

The Kitefoil is a lot harder to balance and a lot faster. Not a problem though with your previously learned skills on the SUP Foil, but an important part to master before we take the Kite into the game. You can still fully focus on the Board and how to work it while we tow you behind the boat - no need to worry about the kite yet. Learn how to get up, carve and maneuver the foil without paying attention to the Kite yet.


Part 3: HYDROFOIL KITEBOARDING LESSON (1hr / private _ one on one)

We leave that for the third part where we aim to get all your skills together. Kite&Foil at the same time. After a short briefing on the beach, you will head out for the first time while we coach you with our BB Talking radio Headsets for direct&fast progress. Put together the skills you acquired in your previous Hydrofoil Series Parts and enjoy the amazing feeling of flying over the water powered by your Kite for the first time.

Big Kites are going to be a thing of the past for you very soon and almost any day will be a good Kite Day!


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