Simple, convenient, cheap and economical – bicycles are one of the world’s favorite forms of transportation.

But imagine cycling uphill without any effort or riding long distances without getting tired. That’s
what riding an electric bike is about! The idea of environmentally friendly transportation has
been revolutionized.

An electric bike at its core is a regular push bike. They rely on extra electrical components that work together to allow it to operate: electric motor, battery and the electric display – all seamlessly integrated into the design. The electric component is meant to augment human power, not completely replace it. This allows the rider to still get a workout, but with an added boost to make their ride easier. And that’s why you’re allowed to ride an electric bike without a special registration, license or insurance.

Our range of eBikes only contains SHIMANO products. SHIMANO are the world’s leading supplier of bicycle components. SHIMANO have taken their knowledge of cycling, gained from years of experience, and applied it to produce the most innovative eBike systems available.

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