The brand-new Traze backpack represents the balance between trail-specific functionality and a sleek, urban-inspired design approach – cooling ventilation properties also included.


The small-sized TRAZE 12 carries everything you need from eMTB batteries, drinking bladders to small office tools like tablets. The preshaped EVA straps enhance breathability and comfort. The straps are connected to the backpack through a Farfalle_Joint so that they adapt to your position and let you move freely. Find even more space for small stuff in the removable Hip-Belt with pockets or in the goggle compartment in the closing flap on top which acts as Home_of_Helmets at the same time.


The big storage compartment can be divided into two parts that can be accessed from either the top or the bottom. As an added extra, this backpack also comes with a rain cover and tool pouch

Ion Traze 12 Backpack

$175.00 Regular Price
$122.50Sale Price