To ensure you can comfortably bear the weight of water and also to give the backpack an ergonomic fit, the Villain has preformed EVA shoulder straps. Their open texture also makes the straps very breathable. In both Villain models, the hip belt provided as an additional fastening aid is fitted with a small pouch for stowing keys and other small items. It can also be detached, which makes the backpack an ideal travelling companion. On the front of backpack, ION has included an elastic cord pull, which provides a safe and handy place to stow a waterproof jacket or similar garment. Available with a capacity of four or eight litres


Preshaped & breathable EVA shoulder straps
Removable hip belt


70% Polyester, 20% EVA, 10% Nylon



Ion Villain 4 Backpack

$145.00 Regular Price
$101.50Sale Price