Michelin Lithion 3 700 x 25C Red



Michelin tyres are divided into 3 distinct lines to meet consumer needs.
COMPETITION LINE Our premium tyre offers the best performance for competition use.
PERFORMANCE LINE The most balanced performance for training use.
ACCESS LINE For occasional use.

Train for longer and stay safe in all weather with Grip Compound technology. Superior endurance thanks to a high-density casing which easily covers the miles.

More grip: This special rubber compound, keeps you safer on slippery, dirty or wet surfaces.

More protection: Excellent puncture resistance with a robust 3x60 TPI casing.

Weight: 250g



Rubber's characteristics give the tyre different performances. Rubbers can be either Mono-Compound or Bi-Compound.

A rubber compound developed to provide more grip Excellent grip on wet roads with greater durability thanks to Grip Compound technology.

Michelin Lithion 3 700 x 25C Red

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