Shimano CN-E6090 Chain 10 Speed E-Bike

Designed for use with E-Bike 10-speed drivetrains, the Shimano E6090-10 receives SIL-TEC treatment on its pin and plates for increased durability.
• HyperGlide
• Reinforced chain for E-Bike use
Prodcut Specifications
Model No: CN-E6090-10
Series: Shimano Steps E8000 Series
Size: 116 Links
Average weight: 276 g
Chainpin: SIL-TEC
Pin link plate: SIL-TEC
Roller link plate: SIL-TEC
Type: HG-X 10-speed
E-Bike RD system compatible: 
In order to obtain good gear shifting performance, this chain has a forward side and a reverse side, and the sides are marked so that the chain will face the correct way when installed
You should periodically wash the chainrings/sprockets in a neutral detergent and then lubricate them again. In addition, cleaning the chain with neutral detergent and lubricating it can be an effective way of extending the useful life of the chainrings/sprockets and the chain

Shimano CN-E6090-10Speed/118L STEPS Chain

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