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About us

Where to start? Ah yes, the meaning of "KBL". Well, originally KBL stands for KiteBoarding Lessons. I can hear you think from here...what does this have to do anything with Bikes? Good question. Not a lot at first glance, but there is a logic to everything, you'll see. Keep on reading.

The KBL Kiteboarding School was founded in 2008 by Vit who ran the water sports business on his own for many years. Came along Tobi and Alan in 2016, handsome & amazing Instructors who helped develop and grow the activities. As we like to keep busy (with outdoor sports), and kiteboarding being a seasonal summer sport, we wanted to add an all-year-round activity. The dots are getting clearer.

Electric bikes were clearly getting very popular offering plenty of benefits from fitness, accessibility, to ease of commute, traffic and emission reduction. Plus, we are keen mountain bikers (ok not so much Tobi), especially Alan who's got a few scars, broken bones and screws to provide it.

So, here we are in 2019 deciding to start an e-Bike business and striking an import deal with European company Bike Fun International who owns 3 bike manufacturers: Rock Machine | Superior | Frappé. Like everything, it took a bit of time, learning, and some boring work before we could start renting and selling e-bikes in 2020. All indicators were pointing in the right direction, so we quickly decided to take it further and setup a complete Professional Bike Shop offering all types of bikes, rentals, parts, accessories and workshop services.

In October 2020, we opened our little corner of paradise in the shape of a cosy and friendly Sports Retail storefront at 473 Rocky Point Road in Sans Souci South Sydney. Our Bike Mechanics are professionally trained and certified by the Bike Mechanic Training Institute. KBL Bikes is an official Shimano and ION dealer among many other brands.


KBL Bikes a newish small local business with a truly amazing and dedicated team. As Athletes, Instructors, and Mechanics, we simply love sharing our passion and knowledge of outdoor sports. We deeply care to offer the best we can and satisfy our customers.

We look forward to seeing you on a ride whether on the water, road or trails.

KBL - Kite Bikes Leisure