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BBB was created in 1999, in the Netherlands, by two passionate cyclists; Chris Koppert and Frank Moons. They had a vision of creating a value for money aftermarket component manufacturing company for their beloved bicycle industry. Since then, this vision has expanded to 40 countries, 40 categories of bicycles products and over 1500 unique products. BBB now employs a team of fanatically dedicated product research and development people, plus in-house marketing, packaging and website designers.


Not content to just follow the market, BBB has become a true market leading ‘A’ brand, that develops and produces exclusive moulds, technologies and solutions for cyclists around the world, winning numerous design awards and magazine tests. BBB’s team are also on the ground in the many factories throughout Europe and Asia that produce BBB’s enormous range of products; making sure that the highest quality control is enforced, to ensure that you are not only getting great design and great value, but also the best possible quality and reliability. BBB today not only supplies some of the world’s leading professional cycling teams in road, mountain bike and cyclo-cross, but uses these elite cyclists to help test and improve everything they make. BBB believe that if their products can be good enough for the rigours of the Tour de France, the World Cup Cross Country and Cyclo-cross events, then they’re going to perform to your expectations and needs as well.


Just as important as having award winning designers designing their products and having world class cyclists testing their products, BBB has an enviable network of the world’s leading cycling retailers stocking their products. This means that wherever a bicycle consumer is, there will probably be a professional retailer nearby, ready to supply them their favourite BBB product. These retailers are supported with market leading POS display systems and merchandising, to make sure that BBB’s products are given the most attractive, accessible and space efficient presentation in the industry. Your customer may not know yet what their favourite BBB product is, but we know they’ll have fun exploring your BBB displays working out which one it is. One thing for sure, is that they’ll have a new favourite BBB product being developed right now in BBB’s Leiden offices.


Cambak Ltd is a foundation distributor of BBB products and has been there since the beginning. We have not only been growing with BBB for more than a decade, but growing, educating and working in partnership with our Australian retailers at the same time. Just like BBB, we will never stop trying to do better for our customers and yours. Not just content with supplying the biggest and best p&a range in the industry, with the best stock holding and the most effective POS solutions, we are also striving to provide the most professional service, with our team of enthusiastic territory managers, sales management, logistics and customer service staff. Like BBB, we want to work with you to build a Better Bike Business.

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